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  ADMISSIONS ARE OPEN FROM PRE-NURSERY TO CLASS IX for the year 2020-21. FORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN SCHOOL. LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF FORM IS 15th DECEMBER 2019. For more details call 8554998844/33 now. Alternatively - Visit Our School Campus.


  • No one is permitted to pluck any flower / fruit from the trees / plants on the school premises or climb fences.
  • Students are not allowed to run in the corridors or play throw games in the class / corridors.
  • No one should walk on non designated areas.
  • All students are mandated to attend assemblies / functions unless special permission has been taken.
  • In case the student needs to go to the infirmary, he / she will be escorted there by a teacher or caregiver.
  • Money should not be sent with students to the school.


  • Students should keep the school clean by not littering or marking equipment. Walls, etc.
  • Students are required to take due care of textbooks and library books in a very responsible manner.
  • They are required to pay for any lost or damaged books.


Students are expected to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the membership of the school and are required to be neat and clean in their general appearance.

Student’s should observe the following uniform regulations throughout the school day and on such occasions as shall be announced:

  • Students must wear black shoes that have been recommended.
  • Students are not permitted to wear ostentatious or expensive jewellery, watches, wristbands, chains and similar accessories.


  • Boy’s T-shirt is required to be tucked in at all times
  • Boys should have their hair cut short


  • Girl’s skirt should be two fingers above the knees.
  • Girl with long hair should have their hair plaited or tied neatly in two ponies, plaits using black bands or ribbons.
  • Girls should not apply nails paints or Henna.




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