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  ADMISSIONS ARE OPEN FROM PRE-NURSERY TO CLASS IX for the year 2020-21. FORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN SCHOOL. LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF FORM IS 15th DECEMBER 2019. For more details call 8554998844/33 now. Alternatively - Visit Our School Campus.


The Students' Council has the responsibility of maintaining school discipline. The council consists of

  • School Captain
  • School Vice Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Sports Vice Captain
  • School Prefects

An office bearer needs to show academic brilliance, sense of responsibility, leadership qualities, initiative, personal sense of discipline, exemplary code of conducts and high moral character.


Students Council


School Captain:
Abhinav Singh
My duty as ‘the captain of the ship’ is to see that my school is known not only at state level but also at the national level and my earnest endeavour would be to see that with the help of my teachers, my friends and students, my school reaches to zenith. Just as each single drop makes a mighty ocean, similarly with small efforts made by every single student, the school will receive many laurels.


The school vice-captain Muskan Singh and other members of my team have wonderful plans to fulfil this desire of us.

Vice Captain :
Muskan Singh



School Prefects :



We are very happy of being chosen for the new post of School Prefect. We will try and come up to the expectations of all. According to us, the biggest problem students face is that they are expected to do multi- tasking but they must realise that gone are the days when a student was considered intelligent only on getting good marks. He was a bookworm and was not involved in any other activity. Today’s scenario is that a child is considered intelligent when he is proficient in all fields-academics as well as in co- curricular activities. We will counsel students to participate in all activities and pay attention in studies as well for their all-round development.


Sports :


Shubham Dhodi    Aksa Nek

I firmly believe that sports are the integral part of a student’s life. It should be inculcated in child since birth. In this fast pacing life, sports have become need of the hour and I think that being the sports captain of my school, it is my foremost responsibility to involve every student for building up their stamina and health. The sports vice-captain Aqsa Nek and I will ensure that each one gets exposure in their favourite sport.




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